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DRAFT Sponsorship Opportunities DRAFT

It’s our mission to create a world where everyone has the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances they get pregnant and have a child. 

As a leading reproductive health nonprofit, Power To Decide offers a variety of award-winning, research-backed, and medically informed programs and initiatives designed to prevent teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy, especially among single young adults. 

You can help us maintain and expand our innovative and effective programs, and reach our 400k social media audience through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. 

You can support any of these key initiatives at the sponsorship level that works for you. We are proud to provide our sponsors with a variety of benefits and assets in return for their critical partnership in ensuring all people have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to become pregnant.

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BCBenefits addresses the most commonly faced barriers in accessing the full spectrum of contraception options. Our Contraceptive Access Fund provides access to free or low-cost birth control methods and appointments (remote or in-person!) to people who have limited income and would like prescription birth control, so that they can decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. Sponsorship provides birth control directly to those who need it.

Talking Is Power

Talking Is Power provides tools and resources to empower young people’s champions—parents, family members, educators, mentors, and others—to start conversations about sex, love, relationships, and ultimately birth control. Our message is simple: Start early. Talk often. You’re more powerful than you think. Sponsorship helps us spark meaningful conversations between young people and the parents and champions who care about them. Our tips, scripts, and research reminds parents and champions how powerful they are in the lives of young people.

Thanks, Birth Control

Thanks, Birth Control is an annual campaign to promote the game-changing effects of birth control, and to reduce stigma and controversy associated with it. Sponsorship allows us to offer relevant and resonant Thanks, Birth Control materials, images, and ideas that are shared by hundreds of thousands annually.

Clinic Finder

We have the most comprehensive, reliable clinic finder tool and database in the country. Our resources help individuals find information on local providers who offer the full range of reproductive health services, and weed out inaccurate and misleading data related to crisis pregnancy centers that seek to deceive individuals and prevent them from accessing the care they need. Bedsider’s clinic finder tool is the only database of its kind. Because these data do not exist in other databases, it takes considerable human power to systematically gather reliable information. Your sponsorship allows us to maintain and expand this critical resource. 

Customizable Opportunities

We customize things! How exciting! 

We have a wide range of assets and expertise available for mission-aligned businesses to license and white-label for their own use. For more information about partnering with us to get customizable, best-in-class sexual and reproductive health education content, comprehensive data and consulting services based on two decades of experience and innovation in the field, visit our licensing opportunities page.