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Licensing Opportunities

Power to Decide believes that everyone should have access to safe and reliable information on sexual education and contraception where they seek it most—online. 

We license our best-in-class digital resources and consulting expertise to businesses, public institutions, and organizations—and share customizable content, tools and resources, as well as comprehensive data on clinics, state-by-state birth control prescription information, and key audiences.

Read on to learn more about the premier assets we offer, and check out our one-pager for a summary of all our offerings, including information on consulting services and our Human-Centered Design framework. 


Since 2011, Bedsider has been a trusted source of information on reproductive health, especially for women age 18-29 across the country. Bedsider is the first digital intervention in reproductive health to effectively prevent unplanned pregnancy among adults in the United States. 

Ever since its inception, we have continued to innovate and improve our digital sexual health solutions for health care providers and community groups, as well as global businesses such as Google, and federal and state agencies.

By partnering with us, you can license and customize all of Bedsider’s premiere assets, including tailored digital resources and materials, health education content, and comprehensive data to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Premier Assets

Licensed Customizable Content

With the largest library of content for birth control and sexual health information online, we license and customize digital solutions for your audiences based on Bedsider’s extensive sexual health education content and digital sexual health decision tools. Our offerings include, but are not limited to: 

  • Unbiased, updated information on all birth control methods (through an API key).
  • Customizable tear sheets, posters, and other collateral for health and social service providers.
  • First-person stories, images, video, animated cartoons, and extended features.

All of our digital solutions can be white-labeled to match your organization’s brand or optimized on search engines to reach your target audiences. 

Credible Clinic and Birth Control Prescription Data 

We have the most comprehensive, reliable clinic finder tool and state-by-state birth control database in the country. 

Our clinic resources help people find information on local providers who offer the full range of reproductive health services, and weed out inaccurate and misleading data related to crisis pregnancy centers that seek to deceive patients and prevent them from accessing the care they need. 

Bedsider’s clinic finder tool is the only database of its kind. All of its data can be licensed to meet your organization’s specific and localized needs.

Examples of Our Work

Google logo

In 2016, we partnered with Google to launch a series of Knowledge Panels—search engine results that return optimized information on inquiries related to contraception. These included all FDA-approved methods of contraception and other related search terms, with all optimized results directly linking to Power to Decide’s medically backed content. Users who now search Google for birth control options are immediately encouraged to visit Power to Decide. 

the logo for the CDC

In 2010, we were hand-selected by the CDC to provide comprehensive training and technical assistance to nine community-based organizations working to prevent unintended pregnancies among young people. The program, Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Integrating Services, Programs, and Strategies Through Community Wide Initiatives, lasted five years and ultimately taught youth-servicing organizations how to conduct and hold these trainings for their own staff and clients, long-term. 

The logo for The Right Time and the tagline, "Your birth control, your way"

The Right Time— a statewide imitative in Missouri designed to improve contraceptive access—uses our clinic database to help users find clinics in the Show Me state as well as patient videos and contraceptive information. Across Missouri (12 The Right Time health centers in 32 locations), partner organizations that form The Right Time health center network offer the full range of birth control methods.The Right Time health centers offer free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.

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