A pile of birth control pills and a woman sitting against a wall looking stressed

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"I am very thankful that you have a program to help lower-income women get the birth control they need. Many women, including myself, are uninsured, and birth control is a financial burden. [The Contraceptive Access Fund] is amazing for helping women overcome that burden! Thank you!!"

Everyone deserves the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. But today, more than 19 million in the US live in an area where accessing birth control is a huge challenge. For some, the nearest clinic is hundreds of miles away. Others don’t have insurance coverage or the time off work to go to the doctor.

For millions of people, birth control is out of reach.

Let’s change that.

Together, we can ensure access to birth control for those who need it most. BCBenefits, our contraceptive access fund, provides access to free or low-cost birth control methods and appointments to people with limited income.

Here's what your gift funds:

Four tiles each with a different donation dollar amount. Upper left: A purple card that reads, "$5 provides a month of birth control pills to a person in need." Upper right: A blue card that reads, "$25 gives a gas card to someone whose nearest clinic is in the next county." Lower left: A purple card that reads, "$50 gives a year of birth control pills to a person who needs them from a telehealth provider." Lower right: A blue card that reads, "$200 gives birth control pills for a year to four people, delivered right to their homes."