Laura Lloyd

Headshot of Laura Lloyd

I have the power to decide to use my superpowers for good.

Laura Lloyd is the Assistant Director of Digital Media, and coordinates the development and evaluation of Power to Decide’s digital media initiatives, which allow communication with target audiences using online and mobile technologies. Laura joined Power to Decide in 2008 with over ten years of experience in public health research, primarily in the area of STI/HIV prevention. Since 2002, when she first worked on a study examining the role of the Internet in STI/HIV transmission and prevention, she has increasingly focused her work on the use of digital technologies in public health.

Laura received a BA in Psychology and Sociology from University of Colorado, a Master of Public Health from Emory University, and a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University’s School of Informatics, all with the common theme of better understanding human behavior.  

Assistant Director, Digital Media