An image of two of the coloring pages available for download.

Color for Contraceptive Access

Download the coloring pages here!

Post your colorful creations online to tell the world that everyone deserves access to affordable and effective birth control no matter who they are or where they live.

Tag us @PowertoDecide. 

While you're here, will you consider making a gift to the Contraceptive Access Fund?

Grassroots donations help people who have limited income access free or low-cost birth control methods and birth control appointments – from covering direct costs to reimbursing for travel and childcare.

  • $5 gives a month of birth control pills to a person who needs it.

  • $20 gives a gas card to someone whose nearest clinic is in the next county.

  • $50 gives a year’s worth of birth control pills through a telemedicine provider.

  • $100 gives a birth control shot that prevents pregnancy for three months.

  • $200 provides birth control pills for a year for four people, delivered right to their homes.

Donate now.