Take Charge of Your Own Health

Get Covered Today!

Get Covered Today!

It’s that time of year again: Open Enrollment! Whether you have health insurance and want to keep what you’ve got or if you if need to enroll in coverage—we can help you get started. 

No health insurance? Get covered today.

Not having health insurance isn’t for the faint of heart. A broken leg or your birth control could end up costing more in the long term than your premium. But don’t fret, open enrollment has just begun. From November 1 – December 15, you can sign-up for health insurance coverage through healthcare.gov, the online Health Insurance Marketplace. Worried about the cost of insurance? Many people are eligible for subsidies to help them pay their monthly premiums, and depending on the state you live in, you may be eligible for Medicaid—a public insurance program for those with lower incomes.

  • Grab your checklist. Whether you are enrolling in a plan at healthcare.gov for the first time or changing your plan, use this checklist to make sure that you have everything you need before shopping for a plan.
  • Shop Around. Check out Healthcare.gov and search for a plan that meets your needs. If you had a plan last year it might not be the best deal this year, so shopping around can save you money! And be sure to read this Bedsider article before considering a short-term plan! 
  • Ask for help if you need it. There are local in-person assistors who can help you with the application process. Find one here.

Already Covered?

  • Schedule your next well-woman visit. If you need to find a clinic, we can help with that too. And when you get there, talk to your provider about birth control—whether it’s to check in about a method you’re currently using or to explore different options. 
  • Be a champion. Sharing the importance of having health insurance and making sure the young people in your life are covered is one more way for you to be a champion.

Get Active in Your Community

  • Connect with your neighbors. Make sure they know that the ACA (a.k.a Obamacare) is still the law. Use your neighborhood listserv and community meetings to share information about open enrollment.
  • Volunteer with a local organization. The Trump Administration cut back the amount of time that individuals have to enroll in health coverage through Healthcare.gov and also slashed the funding available to promote the open enrollment period. Many groups are trying to fill that gap. That’s where you come in. Find a group and volunteer to help them get the word out.
  • Get Social! Stay tuned to what trusted local organizations are sharing on social media via the hashtags #openenrollment & #getcovered—then amplify this with your networks. You can also share our sample messages on your social media platforms:
    • Need health coverage? We've got your back. Here’s how to #GetCovered during #OpenEnrollment https://bit.ly/2CUTF42 
    • Healthcare.gov is open for enrollment beginning November 1! Here's everything you need to know to #GetCovered https://bit.ly/2hfdDJI