Craft with Bedsider’s #MakeSomeLove Campaign — A Good Conversation Starter


Craft with Bedsider’s #MakeSomeLove Campaign — A Good Conversation Starter

February 13, 2019

Everyone has questions about sex, love, and relationships. Parents, mentors, and champions are in a unique positon to talk to their young people about these subjects. According to young people themselves, parents and champions influence them the most when it comes to decisions about sex, love and relationships. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you’re automatically prepared to talk about sex, love, or relationships though. It’s awkward to talk about these subjects, and we get it. These conversation, while important, are often dreaded by everyone involved. But even if you’re finding it hard to make eye contact, it’s still important to make an effort to have an honest and open conversation.

To help these conversations go more smoothly we’ve created materials for champions, mentors, and parents. One of these, a Champion Guide, gives specific tips to guide your conversation. Sometimes having talking points isn’t enough to remove the awkwardness that makes these talks so hard. Many people find it easier to talk about difficult subjects when their hands are busy. And this year Bedsider has a project to do just that.

Bedsider, a program of Power to Decide, is a proven effective digital intervention that supports young women age 18 to 29 in learning about access and effect use of birth control.

For the fourth year in a row, Bedsider has spent a very busy February encouraging people to #MakeSomeLove. Using fun or flirty crafts, this campaign encourages everyone, regardless of their relationship status, to love their bodies, have fun, and use birth control. In the past crafts have included baking romantic cookies, building your dream partner, and rolling up a DIY flower bouquet. This year, Bedsider took inspiration straight from New York Fashion Week and created a tutorial for Glittery Gold Condom Earrings

These earrings will take your crafting game to a whole new level! More importantly though, they are a great activity that you and the young person in your life can do to keep your hands busy (and your eyes averted) as you talk about sex, love, birth control, and relationships.

Watch all of Bedsider’s #MakeSomeLove videos on YouTube and read the tutorial for our glittery gold condom earrings at