Resources for Going Back to School in the Time of COVID


Resources for Going Back to School in the Time of COVID

September 9, 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the back-to-school season this year isn’t all about new notebooks and pencils, a new homeroom teacher, or what everyone else is wearing on the first day. While some students may return to in-person schooling, others will begin their year online. In certain places schools have decided to give parents the choice between the two. To help families adjust to whatever their situation may be, here are 11 resources on homeschooling, going to school in the midst of a pandemic, and everything in between.

  1. American School Health Association
    1. Follow the ASHA on Twitter for a variety of resources such as their message on school health and updates to CDC guidelines on STI testing.
  2. CDC’s School Decision Making Tool
    1. For those families who have to decide whether to send their children to school or opt-in for virtual classes, this tool is designed to asses health risks, consider relevant factors, and prepare for the year, regardless of format.
  3. Free Resources for Educators
    1. THE Journal is an online resource for K-12 educators who use technology to advance learning. This article has gathered (and updates!) dozens of free resources to help students with math, science, crafting, and arts education. While this publication is aimed at educators, many of the linked resources will benefit parents as well.
  4. Free Resources for Parents
    1. Much like above, the more than 100 online resources gathered on by National School Choice Week are geared at helping children learn a variety of skills from home using technology. And while they are geared for parents, many of the linked resources will benefit educators as well.
  5. In the Bubble With Andy Slavitt
    1. Hosted by Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, this podcast looks at COVID-19 from a number of lenses. It has a family-friendly episode about COVID-19, another on how to talk to one another about wearing masks, and one specifically on back-to-school concerns.
  6. Requirements, Curriculum, and Tips for Home Schooling
    1. Cnet has complied this article that outlines how to find out each state’s home schooling requirements, support groups for home schooling parents, as well as tips on how to create a productive environment for children to learn in from home.
  7. The New York Times Illustrated Guide
    1. From riding the bus and entering the building to kindergarten projects and high school classrooms, the NYT created this illustrated guide to what schools may do to keep students safe as they return.
  8. Age-Based Advice for Parents
    1. Authored by a pediatric doctor, this blog gives advice on how parents can best manage home school and work with kids of all ages.
  9. Mayo Clinic’s Safety Tips
    1. The Mayo Clinic created this list of tips to keep children safe if they return to classrooms. Tips include reminders to practice social distancing and wear a mask as well as what to do if you think your child is sick with COVID-19 or something else.
  10. How Are Others Coping?
    1. Harvard Business Review asked working parents for advice on how they’re coping with work and home school. They highlight advice from parents around the world and reminder readers that many people are currently in the same boat.
  11. Teaching High School Students with Learning Disabilities Online

    1. recently developed a guide for teaching high school students with learning disabilities online. Their goal is to inform students about critical information regarding their college education and share different resources that will help set them up for success.