Summer of Self-Love


Summer of Self-Love

August 5, 2019

As temperatures have risen and stayed high across the country and we all do our best to minimize the sweat, we hope that you’ve practiced some self-love this summer! Self-love looks different for everyone but is essential for all of us. Something simple like a bath bomb and a glass of wine or an extra-long phone call to a long-distance friend works for some. For others self-love can involve taking a much-needed vacation or disconnecting from technology for an entire weekend. No matter what it looks like for you, take time for yourself because when you give your body and mind the care they need, you’ll be rewarded.

When thinking about how to practice self-love do you think about your birth control? It might not seem obvious, but the kind of birth control you use can impact your life in a lot of ways. Forgetting to take your pill or replace your patch can leave you as frazzled and stressed as not taking time to unwind and care for yourself. Everyone deserves to love their birth control, and everyone deserves birth control that loves them as much as they love themselves.

But finding “your” method isn’t a one-time thing. As we grow and our lives change, the ideal method for us will change too. We encourage you to go on a journey to find a method that works for you right now. We want everyone to love their birth control so much that they shout, “Thanks, birth control!

For people in their early twenties busy with work or school, an IUD or implant, which are both examples of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) may be a good fit. These methods don’t require day-to-day maintenance; once they’re placed, you’re good to go. And just like the name suggests, they’re long lasting. IUDs effectively prevent pregnancy for between three and twelve years, depending on which kind you get, and implants work for up to four years. LARCs allow young people to go about their lives without needing to think about their birth control method. And they don’t affect future fertility.

Getting older and settling down means that many people want to start (or grow!) their family. Whether a couple wants to have a baby but isn’t ready quite yet or already has a child or two and wants to wait a little while before adding another, condoms, birth control pills, and the ring are just three methods that may be a good fit.

Not all life changes that require a different birth control method are massive either. For some, it may be that they like using the pill simply because in the summer they want to skip their period to better enjoy the beach, but for a variety of reasons they prefer to have their period the rest of the year.

Check out our birth control explorer, learn more about the various methods, and find a clinic near you to talk to a provider about which method would work best for your right now. And if you’re happy with your current method, tell us why!