What Happened On Unexpected Episode Two


What Happened On Unexpected Episode Two

by De'Jonnae Boyd
November 20, 2017

This week's episode of Unexpected includes a false alarm, a trip to the hospital, and some mounting family tensions. Teen parents Lexus and Shayden, McKayla and Caelan, and Lilly and James are filled with excitement about parenthood, while their own moms and grandparents are concerned that their teens will have to grow up way too fast. Emotions are understandably high all around.

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This week Shayden and Lexus find out how unpredictable parenthood can be; McKayla and Caelan deal with their feelings about Shannon (McKayla's estranged and now pregnant mother) re-entering the picture at such a transformative period in her life; and Caelan's mom opens up about Shannon. It's easy to see why Caelan's mom resents Shannon and feels so protective; but it's also easy to see why McKayla wants to reconnect with her own mom as she gets ready for motherhood.

In a surprising twist, Lilly and James struggle through hiccups in their relationship. James feels that helping to raise his younger siblings means he can skip birth classes but Lily is crushed by his resistance to this essential part of their journey as parents. Lilly's mom, frustrated with James' absence, finds it difficult to navigate the thin line between wanting what's best for her daughter and allowing her to figure out the realities of co-parenting on her own. This is a balancing act that every parent of a teen has to walk--when a baby is involved, the stakes are much higher for everyone. She confesses that she'd rather not have James in her daughter's life at all if it means saving Lilly from heartbreak and disappointment. In fact, most teen dads don't stay with the mothers of their children, and even fewer teen dads support their children financially.

The adults on Unexpected know their teens' lives will do a complete 180 once their babies are born. Lexus' mom reflects on the dreams she had before getting pregnant and how difficult it will be for her daughter to now achieve those dreams. Lexus is still determined to graduate high school and set an example for her daughter.

We know that having conversations with your teen about what they envision for themselves in the future, and what steps they will need to take to get there, can validate their ability to reach those goals. When teens feel supported in their pursuit of success--whatever that means for them--the likelihood of them achieving that success increases.

This week's episode is a great way to start conversations with the teens in your life. Be sure to talk with them, openly and honestly, about the realities of parenthood and the many things they'll want to accomplish before taking on such a demanding task.

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