Why Your Gift Matters: #TalkingIsPower 2018


Why Your Gift Matters: #TalkingIsPower 2018

by Daniela Kucz
April 23, 2018

When young people have a system of support as they go through life, it plays a large part in enabling them to thrive. Here at Power to Decide, that’s what we’re all about. We believe in giving young people the opportunity to pursue the future they want, realize their full possibility, and follow their intentions. We're intentional about helping to ensure that champions, mentors, parents, and trusted adults have the tools and resources they need to support the young people they care about most. 

As the nation marks National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month this May, Power to Decide is launching our new initiative—#TalkingIsPower, a national effort to jumpstart meaningful conversation between young people and their champions. In large part due to the help of generous supporters and donors, we are able to produce resources that fulfill our vision of a nation where all young people have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to become pregnant. 

That’s why we’re asking you today to talk to someone about Power to Decide, and encourage them to become a mentor and advocate for young people. Ask them to talk to their grandkids, siblings, or friends about sex, love, and relationships. We're also asking you to make a donation to Power to Decide if you can, so we can continue our work of helping to build a network of support for all young people in the U.S. Be sure to tell your friends and networks if you make a gift—and encourage them to give, too. After all, there is strength in numbers. 

We are so grateful for your voice, your support, and your efforts to help young people realize their full possibility. Together, we can make a difference.