Teens Role in Talking is Power


Teens Role in Talking is Power

by Chloe Bautista
May 25, 2021
A father and son talk while they walk down a city street.

May is Talking is Power month where we encourage adults to reach out to the teens and younger adults in their lives to talk about sex, love, and relationships. But as a teen what should you expect for the month of May and how can you participate in this campaign?

Educate Yourself on What a Champion Is

A champion is anyone that you look up to in your life, a parent or guardian, teacher, older family member, and even a coach. A champion is a person that you trust, a person you can be open with in-order to talk in a safe space. For me, my champion is my older sister, Anna. She is always there to help me when I have questions. Anna is always free to talk, never giving judgment. I can always count on her to give the truth that is never biased from her experiences.

When You Should Talk to a Champion

Deciding to talk to a champion about sex, love, and relationships you need to be comfortable with the person you are talking to. If you feel nervous about talking about some of these topics at first that is okay but as you ask more questions and conversations keep going you will feel more comfortable. Feel free to reach out to a champion when you need direction. You don't have to wait for them to talk to you first. It may be awkward to first talk to a champion, but don’t worry. A good time to begin talking with your champion is in middle or high school or whenever you and your friends start talking about sex and relationships it is a good time to talk to a champion too. 

Why You Should Talk to an Adult

You may want to rely on the internet or your friends for information about sex, however they can be biased or wrong, giving information that they think is right or have experienced themselves. The Talking is Power campaign encourages adults to spread facts about sex to the teens in their lives in an unbiased manner. Information you learn online or with friends can be driven by feelings rather than facts. Much of the information about sex, love, and relationships online is unrealistic. However, when talking to an adult you get real life experiences and facts to answer your questions rather than the unrealistic expectations of these topics. 

If you don’t feel ready to talk about topics like sex or relationships with a champion yet, you can talk about anything like TV shows, movies, or food. All conversation will help you both build a relationship where you know you are in a safe space. Later on, when you are more comfortable you can bring up those topics. You should keep these conversations going past the month of May. Any time of the year you have questions or problems you want to discuss with your champion they are there to help. 

Chloe Bautista is a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Maryland. She is a member of the field hockey team and a part of the Girl Up club. She plans to study public policy and digital analytics in college and is interning at Power to Decide to spread the awareness of the non-profit.