Extend Not Eliminate (July 2015): Survey Says Plus

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Extend Not Eliminate (July 2015): Survey Says Plus

Survey Says Plus: Extend Not Eliminate (July 2015)

After peaking in the early 1990s, the nation’s teen pregnancy and birth rates have declined dramatically—teen pregnancy is down 51%; teen births have plummeted by 61%. Since the federal, evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) was established in 2010, the teen birth rate in the U.S. has declined 35%, a drop about twice as large as the decline in any other five-year period. Despite this clear success, some in Congress want to eliminate the TPPP. Americans strongly disagree.

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Power to Decide (formerly The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy). (2015). Survey Says: Extend Not Eliminate. Washington, DC: Author

July 2015

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