A couple hugs one another and a woman stands looking empowered

Better Birth Control

More than 19 million women live in areas where they lack access to the full range of birth control methods. These contraceptive deserts can be found across the country. Better Birth Control helps communities, states, and regions fill these gaps. We will work with you to create a local blueprint for action to implement policies, systems, programs, and financing to ensure full access to all contraceptive methods for all women. This work increases health equity and builds cultural humility in care, recognizing the unique circumstances of every woman.

Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, worked with a panel of more than 50 experts to develop Better Birth Control, which provides specific recommendations for system-level strategies that communities can undertake within five domains: fundamental supports, health equity and cultural humility, communications and education, health care delivery systems, and policy. We also offer guidance on how to implement these strategies using a quality improvement model so communities can ensure that their approach is effective and sustainable.

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