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Why Your Gift Matters

Since we were founded in 1996, our work has contributed to historic declines in rates of teen and unplanned pregnancy. But we cannot mistake progress for victory. The declines are uneven, and disparities persist by race, ethnicity, and geography.

Access to reliable information and the full range of contraceptive methods remains uneven—especially for economically disadvantaged or marginalized young people. As a result, only about half of young people in their 20s use contraception consistently or at all, and 80 percent of pregnancies are described by young women themselves as unplanned. Women of color, women living in poverty, and women in rural areas are far more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy.

The vast majority of young people say they do not intend to get pregnant at this point in their lives, but without reliable and resonant information and access to contraception, they can’t follow that intention. They are denied the opportunity to pursue the future they want.  

We know how to change this. Your donation helps ensure that young people have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant by supporting our work, including:

Please don’t wait. Help expand opportunity for this generation and the next. Donate to Power to Decide today.

Questions About Donations

If you have questions about your donation, including how to make a stock donation or bequest, please email us at giving@powertodecide.org.