Danielle Lapierre, MA, MS

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Danielle Lapierre, MA, MS

I have the power to decide every single thing in my life.

Danielle Lapierre is the Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Power to Decide. In this role, Danielle manages our e-commerce activities and various digital marketing outreach efforts, including our annual #ThxBirthControl campaign.    

Prior to joining the Campaign, Danielle was employed at the American Institutes for Research primarily working on a national social marketing campaign to reduce stigma and complacency surrounding HIV/AIDS. Previously, Danielle was responsible for social media marketing for the capacity building department at Metro TeenAIDS and worked as the campus health educator at both George Mason University and Columbia University.

Danielle has a Masters in Communication from Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Health Education from Columbia University. 

vice president, communications & marketing

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