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Despite nearly universal support for birth control, nearly 20 million low-income women live in counties where they lack reasonable access to birth control and policymakers are considering legislation that could make access even more difficult. 

So raise your voice! Shout, “Thanks, Birth Control!” every chance you get. Help start the conversation with your friends, your community, and decision makers. Here are just a few ways for you to get involved.

What Questions Do Teen Have?

Our goal is to present the facts only; we are unbiased and open to a lot of viewpoints. We believe it's important to give teens information on sex, love, and relationships so that they can make informed decisions and live their best life.

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"Thanks, Birth Control!"

We want to show the world why birth control matters and we need passionate, amazing people like you to make it happen. Help us shout across all our favorite social media channels (using the hashtag #ThxBirthControl) all year long.

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What's Your Birth Control Story

What does having the right method of birth control—and being able to afford it—make possible for you?

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Everyone should have the power to decide what their future holds. Give today to join the movement to stand up for what’s right. Just $5 gives a month of birth control pills to a person who needs it and only $50 gives a a year's worth of birth control pills.