New Power to Decide Initiative Seeks to Expand Contraceptive Equity and Honor Pioneers in the Field

Press release

New Power to Decide Initiative Seeks to Expand Contraceptive Equity and Honor Pioneers in the Field

March 10, 2022

(Washington, D.C.) — Power to Decide is proud to announce the launch of its new Contraceptive Equity Initiative, which seeks to address barriers to contraception access through new research, policy analysis and collaboration with partners in the field. 

The Contraceptive Equity Initiative was developed in honor of three pioneers in the field of reproductive health: founding Board of Director President Belle Sawhill, founding CEO Sarah Brown, and the late Andrea Kane, longtime policy head. The three shared a commitment to evidence-based, innovative policy solutions, a willingness to push past conventional thought, and an ability to work beyond politics for the benefit of all people across the country.

“Our organization, and the field of reproductive health, would not be where we are today if not for the tireless work of Belle Sawhill, Sarah Brown and Andrea Kane,” said Power to Decide CEO Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley. “We stand on their shoulders as we continue the work to ensure all people, regardless of who they are or where they live, have the resources and information they need to live life on their own terms.”

The Initiative is composed of three core aspects, each of which is informed by the work of Sawhill, Brown and Kane over the past 25 years:

  • Expanding research into the various challenges people face in trying to access – or afford – the birth control they need.
  • Bolstering policy efforts to improve implementation of the ACA’s birth control benefit and expand its reach to more people and communities.
  • Developing a learning collaborative for sharing research, findings and best practices across regions.

“Power to Decide has always lived at the happy confluence of research, policy and access,” writes Power to Decide’s Senior Director of Content Bill Albert. “These three foundational pursuits are also at the very heart of the organization’s new Contraceptive Equity Initiative.”


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