Press release


September 22, 2021

(Washington, D.C.) — Power to Decide is proud to announce the inclusion of telehealth abortion providers in its AbortionFinder tool. Telehealth abortion is available in various states across the U.S. Abortion-seekers will now be able to easily and quickly determine whether this option is available to them. 

“The upgrade to AbortionFinder helps people seeking abortion care via a telehealth provider access accurate information about whether such care is available in their state,” said Dr. Raegan McDonald Mosley, CEO, Power to Decide. “The ability to access abortion care via telehealth helps mitigate some of the challenges such as transportation, child care and other costs that make abortion care out of reach for many.”

Users can enter their age, the date of their last period and their location, and AbortionFinder.org will return a list of the both the nearest in-person providers and any telehealth abortion providers available to them. 

AbortionFinder is an easy-to-use digital search tool designed to provide up-to-date information about the availability of abortion care across the country. With over 750 clinics in its database, it provides the most comprehensive directory of verified abortion service providers in the United States. Users can also find information regarding any relevant state laws that would impact their ability to access abortion services.

Despite abortion being legal in all 50 states, the fight to protect individuals’ ability to access abortion care will continue as there are many attacks on access to abortion care currently being fought in the courts.

“In the last year alone, constant efforts to restrict abortion care have created confusion, fear and doubt for people who already navigate serious challenges to access critical reproductive health services,” McDonald Mosley added. “Including telehealth as part of our AbortionFinder tool can help more people access critical reproductive health services in a manner that best meets their needs.”

AbortionFinder can be accessed at AbortionFinder.org as well as on Bedsider, a project of Power to Decide. Bedsider is an evidence-based digital health promotion tool serving people ages 18 to 29.

Bedsider.org (Bedsider) is an evidence-based digital health promotional tool and online birth control support network for people age 18-29, operated by Power to Decide.

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