Power to Decide #TalkingIsPower Campaign Encourages Parents to Talk to their Young Person About Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Power to Decide #TalkingIsPower Campaign Encourages Parents to Talk to their Young Person About Sexual and Reproductive Health

May 1, 2024

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Power to Decide launches its’ seventh annual #TalkingIsPower campaign, which encourages the parents and champions of young people to have open conversations about sexual and reproductive health topics. 

Talking is Power is a national effort that takes place through the month of May to spark meaningful conversations between young people and the champions who care about them most. This year’s theme, Back to the Basics, reminds parents to ensure the young people in their lives understand the basics about sex, love, relationships, and birth control. 

“At a time when misinformation on sexual and reproductive health runs rampant online, parents and champions play an important role in guaranteeing the young person in their life is receiving medically accurate, trustworthy health information from them, their peers and social media,” said Power to Decide CEO and practicing OB-GYN, Raegan McDonald-Mosley, MD, MPH. 

In a survey by Power to Decide, nearly one quarter (24%) of respondents aged 15-19 said they do not have enough information to make a decision about the birth control method(s) that is best for them. Parents and champions are often the first point of reference for young people when it comes to their health and relationships, but some are unsure how to start these important conversations.

“Many young people have significant gaps in understanding how their body works, how birth control works and other important topics related to sex and relationships because they have never received comprehensive, evidence-informed sex education in their school or their community. Our #TalkingIsPower campaign serves as a reminder that it is important to have ongoing, open conversations with the young people in our lives regarding these critical issues,” continued McDonald-Mosley. 

Our #TalkingIsPower resources, including conversation prompts, sample social media, tips and blog posts, help parents and champions start conversations early and often. Open and honest conversations about sexual and reproductive health can help set up young people for the future.

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