Press release


February 16, 2021

(Washington, D.C.) – Power to Decide is proud today to announce that its AbortionFinder, a digital search tool connecting people across the country to abortion care, is now available in Spanish. AbortionFinder is a product of Bedsider, a project of Power to Decide. 

Featuring over 750 clinics, AbortionFinder.org/es (Español) is an easy-to-use tool, which allows abortion seekers to access the most comprehensive directory of trusted and verified abortion service providers in the United States. 

Users can also use a newly launched text messaging tool to find the abortion providers nearest them by texting Hola to 218-328-7227 and then entering their zip code.

“Abortion care is part of the full spectrum of reproductive health services, which all people regardless of who they are should be able to easily obtain,” said Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, CEO, Power to Decide. “By making our new AbortionFinder available in Spanish, more Latinas will be able to locate the nearest abortion care clinic and access complete, accurate and culturally relevant information to help them prepare for their appointment safely and privately.”

The obstacles some people face to accessing abortion care are significant, with ongoing legal challenges designed to add further barriers. In the last two years alone, 83 state policies were enacted to restrict access to abortion services. 

“Discriminatory policies, language barriers, poverty and immigration status all impact Latina’s access to the reproductive health services they need to stay healthy and live life on their own terms,” continued Dr. McDonald-Mosley. “Making tools such as AbortionFinder culturally relevant and available in Spanish can help more Latinas access critical information about abortion care services with dignity and without judgement.”

Meanwhile, support for abortion access in the Latino community is widespread. According to a national poll, 67% of Latino voters support Roe v. Wade and 79% agree that if abortion is legal then it should be safe and accessible.   

Power to Decide’s AbortionFinder is made possible through a partnership and coalition of reproductive and sexual health, medical and advocacy organizations, including the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The clinics listed are largely affiliated with NAF and PPFA as well as Abortion Care Network, but also includes some verified unaffiliated independent clinics. 

Bedsider.org is an evidence-based digital health promotion tool and online birth control support network for people age 18-to-29, operated by Power to Decide. For more information, please visit us at Bedsider.org

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