4 Latino Groups Advocating for Your Health


4 Latino Groups Advocating for Your Health

Jennifer Martinez
October 14, 2020
Logos and photos from four Latinx groups fighting for reproductive health.

The time is now – Latinos/as must take control of their sexual and reproductive health. Having just celebrated Sexual Health Awareness Month and while still honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to provide a resource guide for “historically, the largest uninsured population.”

Whether you’re looking to become an advocate or learn more about your own sexual and reproductive health, these organizations are at the forefront.

Three Latina women in shirts that read, "Phenomenally Latina"

Promotores de Salud Program

Planned Parenthood launched this program in the 1990s in Los Angeles to bring reproductive health education and information into the Latino communities. Promotores are “health educators who work to meet the diverse needs of Latino communities across the country.” They do this by “bringing sexual and reproductive health information and resources into communities that need them, building trusted relationships and decreasing barriers to healthcare access.

Get more information on quienes son estas promotoras.

The logo for Raiz organization.


Another Planned Parenthood program, Raíz not only focuses on health but on justice, knowledge, and power. In partnership with the Latino communities, they work to create community by organizing teams to bring attention to the issues.

See how Raíz is breaking down barriers when it comes to accessing health en la comunidad Hispana.

The logo of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

The Latina Institute is a national organization that fights for equal access to reproductive health for Latina/x communities. Their mission is to “fight for the fundamental human right to salud, dignidad, y justicia.” They do this by mobilizing the community, transforming the cultural narrative, and driving policy change.

One of the Latina’s Institute’s initiative is building a base of Latina/x activists that will lead the fight for reproductive justice across the country. Known as the “Poderosas,” they are the core of the organization and embody their mission to build power in Latina/x communities that go beyond reproductive justice.

To stay informed and learn more about their advocacy, follow the Latina Institute on Twitter.

The logo for California Latina for Reproductive Justice

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

“CLRJ is a statewide organization committed to honoring the experiences of Latinas/xs to uphold our dignity, our bodies, sexuality, and families.” Through research, CLRJ seeks to promote the reproductive and sexual health/justice of the most underserved Latinas/x in California.

CLRJ focuses on four core strategies to advance their mission – policy advocacy, community engagement, community-informed research and strategic communication. Some of their efforts to grow the reproductive justice movement are collaborating on campaigns such as “Yo Soy,” which focuses on “ending the stigma around sex education, birth control, abortion and young parenting in the Latino community. ” Some of their other collaborations include Healtlh and Justice for all, Sexual Health Education Roundtable, and Project ELAYO.

Para más información on CLRJ’s work, please visit their website and follow on Twitter.