A Birth Control Lover's Guide to Gifts


A Birth Control Lover's Guide to Gifts

by Shannon Miller
December 18, 2018
Hands holding a nicely wrapped present.

Everyone has at least one person in their life that’s impossible to buy a gift for. And with the shops at their busiest this time of year, it’s lucky that sometimes the best, most thoughtful gifts for the people in your life can’t be found in stores.  

Here's our 2018 holiday gift guide, which allows you check off those last few people on your list while skipping the traffic and the crowds at the mall: 

Give the Give of Talking  

Let’s be honest: with the rise of social media, young people today are inundated with a lot of conflicting – and often times incorrect – information about sex, love, and relationships. Yet according to research and polling, teens still say that their parents – including you, dad – are their biggest influence when it comes to these topics. As lame or painful as it may seem, this holiday break, give the gift of meaningful conversations with the young people in your life

(And if they have questions they’re too embarrassed to talk to you about, feel free to point them towards StayTeen, our website for young people aged 13-19. They can learn about sex and relationships in an unbiased and fact-based way and ask their questions anonymously.)  

Give the Gift of Time 

Spending time with family is one of the best parts of the holidays, and if access to reproductive health information and services is something that you and your loved ones care about, give the gift of time and feel the power of working together to expand access to those without. Our Get Involved section has different ways to activate your network, community, and decision makers to create a more informed and empowered society with your loved ones. 

Give the Gift of “Thanks, Birth Control” swag 

“Thanks, Birth Control” Day may only officially happen once a year, but we celebrate birth control and everything it helps us accomplish all year. With items like t-shirts (in English AND Spanish), hats, pins, and more, there is definitely something the empowered birth control lover in your life would love to wear proudly. 

Give the Gift of Birth Control 

Our new Contraceptive Access Fund will help the millions of women across the country overcome the obstacles they face in getting the contraception of their choice. A donation of $30 can get a year’s worth of birth control delivered straight to someone who needs it. Help support the work we do to make contraceptive access a reality for these millions of women. Make a gift in honor of a loved one and give the gift of birth control