Conversations Through the Ages


Conversations Through the Ages

October 4, 2021
The shadowed outline of 2 women's faces and the words, "Let's Talk: Conversations Through the Ages"

Each October we celebrate young people’s special relationship with their champions and uplift ways to encourage talking about important topics. Conversations around sex, love, and relationships can feel messy or complicated, but they’re important. During Let’s Talk Month we offer up resources and personal stories from champions who have opened the door and started talking with the aim to encourage others to do the same. 

This year we’re focusing on Conversations Through the Ages because how you start a conversation about relationships, or your body looks very different when a young person is five versus when they’re 15. But we hope that with a little help from us everyone feels more comfortable talking to the young person that they care about and becoming the trusted resource that we know they want to look to for information on sex, love, and relationships.

So, take a look at our blog each week as we post new stories, more advice, and updated resources to help start talking and continue the conversation. If you don’t want to wait to start talking check out resources from previous years’ Let’s Talk Month and start a conversation today.