Dr. Raegan Answers Real Questions About Reproductive Well-Being


Dr. Raegan Answers Real Questions About Reproductive Well-Being

July 12, 2023

Every few weeks, our CEO, Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, takes to Twitter to answer questions in real time on all aspects of reproductive well-being. During these office hours Dr. Raegan shares her expertise as an OB-GYN and from the wealth of evidence-based resources that we host on Power to Decide, AbortionFinder, and Bedsider. 

You can always view highlights of the latest questions Dr. Raegan has answered on her landing page. Recently, she’s addressed: 



Now more than ever, we all need access to high-quality, evidence-based info about sexual health, birth control, and more. Dr. Raegan is also on TikTok and YouTube where she posts easy-to-understand, accurate information in response to real questions we hear from folks on- and off-line. Some of the questions she has answered recently include:





If you have a question, you can always tag #AskDrRaegan when you Tweet @DrRaegan, comment on one of her TikTok or YouTube videos, or send an email. Plus, if you love your method, have learned something from Dr. Raegan, or just want to show some love, you can also tweet using #ThxBirthControl! Follow @powertodecide on Twitter to find out when her office hours session will be!