During COVID-19 People Are Still Saying, “#ThxBirthControl!”


During COVID-19 People Are Still Saying, “#ThxBirthControl!”

May 6, 2020
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While the novel coronavirus has turned things upside down in so many ways for so many people, it has also given many of us an opportunity to reflect on the big and small aspects of our lives that we’re thankful for. These seven people are giving a shout-out to their birth control.


Every time I see a tweet about having your period during this pandemic, I think about how grateful I am to have a period-suppressing IUD. I know it’s not a solution for everyone, but I love that piece of plastic so damn much.

— Tabs (@TheLadyInReds) March 26, 2020


Happy belated birthday to my IUD. happy to be watching you instead of a toddler rn while i work from home

— ˗ˏˋ hunter ˎˊ˗ (@HuntrWallce) March 19, 2020

I signed up for my birth control to be delivered to my house and I feel so relieved that I don’t have to worry about it anymore 😌

— Nurse Sam I am 🤪 (@nursesam2019) March 21, 2020

Because of COVID-19 I gave myself my own birth control shot and I feel like a bada** and thats all.

— Stephanie Freeman (@StephIbbotson) March 21, 2020

Thanks birth control for telling me what day it is. You're the #mvp

— Janelle Grace (@JanelleGrace8) April 13, 2020

I just wanna thank my IUD for being there for me during these tough times, hang in there girl 👏🏽

— boba (@Ashhketchemm) March 27, 2020

As I walked my dog around the complex today, I heard children and parents screaming at each other through 4 different windows. I went home and kissed my birth control pack.

— Emmy (@methatsme) April 7, 2020


Yesterday, Tuesday, May 5, was Giving Tuesday. Help others during these difficult times to say #ThxBirthControl give today.