Our 11 Top Favorite Moments From Thanks, Birth Control Day


Our 11 Top Favorite Moments From Thanks, Birth Control Day

November 25, 2020
An image of Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley in a Thanks Birth Control mask.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Thanks, Birth Control Day this year! Together we told the world why birth control matters and why we love our methods. Even as we look forward to 2021, we want to share a few of our favorite posts from this year’s #ThxBirthControl celebration. Here’s what birth control has made possible in your lives:

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Birth control helps us have equal opportunity to break the glass ceiling and do so much more (*clears throat* plz see below).People use birth control for reproductive freedom, sexual freedom, multitudes of health benefits, & autonomy of your own body. #ThxBirthControl @Bedsider pic.twitter.com/mX0NycQ8sm

— The Bold Type (@TheBoldTypeTV) November 18, 2020


Becoming A Surgeon

I could become a surgeon without the worry of unplanned pregnancy with my husband. #ThxBirthControl

— More cat memes (@fooandsmash) November 18, 2020


Making Snow Babies



Loving Fur Babies


Talking Flirty


Living Your Best Life


Roaming The World

#ThxBirthControl for letting me create my own timeline for starting a family. For empowering my patients to plan their futures the way they want to. For letting me roam the world in this outfit. Thank you to all providers who provide essential #familyplanning services every day. pic.twitter.com/w80HeUXX5N

— Jessica Lu, MD (@JessLuMD) November 18, 2020


Even Saving Your Life

I didn’t almost die of preeclampsia a third time #ThxBirthControl pic.twitter.com/h4g5OuPDTp

— Nicole Lay😷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@NicoleLay14) November 18, 2020


Having Even More Fur Babies


Being Pain Free


Achieving Our Dreams

#ThxBirthControl for allowing me to plan my family and my career. Thanks to all of the providers who ensure access to essential health services, including contraception, every day! #Igot2kidsandadog #MyRightSizeFamily #DoctorMom @powertodecide pic.twitter.com/1D9Kjq7S9v

— Dr. Raegan (@DrRaegan) November 18, 2020