Talk It Out


Talk It Out

October 1, 2020
A speak bubble says, "Let's Talk Talk it out: powerful conversations."

Every October we celebrate the special relationship between young people and their champions throughout Let’s Talk Month. Throughout the month we encourage everyone seek out and engage in conversations about sex, love, relationships, and birth control.

Parents and champions are the #1 resource young people look to for information on sex, love, and relationships. They are in a unique position to talk to their children about issues that can have significant life consequences, but we recognize that knowing how to navigate these conversations can feel awkward. The materials we’ll post this month will feature young people discussing why talking is important and what they want to hear from the trusted adults in their lives.

This year, we’re also recognizing the importance of having conversations around these topics with others. From October 5-9, we’ll focus on parents and champions. From October 12-16, we’ll post content around conversations with friends and peers. October 19-23, we’ll talk about how young people can talk productively amongst each other. And from October 26-30, we’ll encourage everyone to talk to themselves about what matters to them when it comes to sex, love, and birth control.

Each week we’ll post personal stories, advice on how to start talking, and resources to help the conversation continue. Don’t wait to start talking! Check out resources from previous years’ Let’s Talk Month and start a conversation today.