Teen Mom OG Season 9 Explores the Challenges of Motherhood During COVID-19


Teen Mom OG Season 9 Explores the Challenges of Motherhood During COVID-19

Jennifer Martinez
January 27, 2021
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“Rising up like a mother” seems like a very fitting theme for this new season of Teen Mom OG. Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne, Maci, and Mackenzie are back and adjusting to the challenges of motherhood during COVID-19. This new season is filled with all kinds of highs and lows, but as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” plays in the trailer, we know that these moms will “succeed, dominate, and rise up like a mother,” especially when it comes to their kids.

It’s no secret that moms have had a difficult time adjusting to the “new normal.” Psychologists and labor experts agree that the Coronavirus crisis is taking a greater toll on women—most notably on mothers. This is due to the fact that more women are losing jobs four times the rate of men and typically, moms are taking on a “second shift”—taking care of their children, doing things around the house, homeschooling, and a lot more. 

We’ve been so fortunate to know and love the Teen Mom OGs for more than a decade. We applaud them for sharing their full stories with us along the way, inspiring so many open and honest conversations. We've put together some resources below, inspired by our Teen Mom OGs, to remind moms everywhere that they too can rise to the challenge. 

Have Your Own Purpose

Mackenzie and Josh are having difficulties in their marriage. This season their relationship takes a huge hit, so huge that Mackenzie decides to move her family to Florida for a business opportunity. 

Have you felt that the pressures of a pandemic are seriously affecting your marriage or your relationship? Here are steps you can take to refocus that negative energy and commit to yourself and what makes you happy. 

Co-Parenting With Your Ex Can Be Complicated, But Worthwhile

As we all know, Maci and Ryan’s relationship hasn’t been on good terms for a while now, but since Bentley wants to repair his relationship with his dad, Maci has no problem being supportive of his decision. 

Amber’s relationship with her daughter Leah also isn’t in a good place. She acknowledges that and wants to build a healthier relationship with her. This season, Gary asks Amber if she would live on his property to be closer to Leah and fix their relationship.  

Having a relationship with your child can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. To see how you can better that relationship, visit Bedsider’s parenting page

Make Some Time For Love

Cheyenne is back with her ex, Zach. We saw Zach make an appearance on the show back when Cheyenne first started in 2018. This time he is back as the pair rekindle their relationship and not only that, but the two are expecting! 

We know that finding time for love during this pandemic hasn’t been easy. And being pregnant right now comes with many extra layers of stress. If you’re not ready for pregnancy right now, visit Bedsider.org and find resources on how to get your birth control delivered right to your door.

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