Thanks, Birth Control Day is November 13


Thanks, Birth Control Day is November 13

October 24, 2019
Thanks, Birth Control is Wed., Nov. 13, 2019!

We know how much you love birth control. And telling the world about why it matters is more important than ever. On Wednesday, November 13, we're asking you to get on social media and tell the world about your love.

Birth control makes a lot of amazing stuff possible. If you’re not ready for kids or to have more kids (or if you don’t ever want them), birth control lets you pursue your dreams and goals without having to worry about getting pregnant. It can also have tons of great benefits besides pregnancy prevention, like managing awful periods. It’s not just about sex, it’s about living life on your own terms.

To help you get your message out we've published a toolkit with everything you’ll need. From suggested social language to a sneak peak of our digital postcards, this kit has it all. You can access it here. Make sure you check back regularly as some things are still in progress so this is a living document that will be updated as we finalize details.

We want to hear what birth control has made possible for you so mark your calendars for November 13, and celebrate Thanks, Birth Control Day with us (and with everyone who is grateful for their method). We are always grateful for your support, passion, and participation.