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Power to Decide is proud to be recognized by colleagues and customers as expert strategists and communicators. For more than 20 years, we have built innovative solutions at the national, state, and local levels. Our work remains unbiased, evidence-based, and audience-centered.

We created Select360 Consulting to help other organizations and leaders to learn, grow, and implement comprehensive, 360-degreee strategies and solutions that work. Read on to learn about the five signature services we offer, and check out our one pager for a portable summary. Let’s work together to tailor a solution for you.

Signature Services

One Key Question®

One Key Question is a transformative tool that starts the conversation about if, when, and under what circumstances people want to get pregnant and have a child. The notion behind One Key Question is simple: it provides a framework for health providers, social service providers, and champions who support folks age 18-50 to routinely ask, “Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?”

Though this is a seemingly simple question, the answers are more complex. One Key Question meets everyone where they are, by offering four responses: yes, no, ok either way, and unsure. Follow up counseling is patient-centered and can be tailored appropriately based on the desire for or ambivalence about pregnancy.

One Key Question is used by thousands of health care and social service providers in approximately 30 states. One Key Question providers include clinicians, community health workers, home visiting nurses, and many more. One Key Question has been adopted by large health systems, state and local public health departments, and others to address a myriad of health equity efforts, including perinatal equity and maternal child health.

One Key Question has been endorsed by the American Public Health Association as an effective Reproductive Life Planning strategy and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists notes that pregnancy desire screening is a “core component of high-quality, primary preventive care services.”  One Key Question is aligned with the Office of Population Affairs and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Quality in Family Planning service delivery recommendation for clinical practice.

Learn more about One Key Question, including a detailed summary of research and how to bring One Key Question to your community.

Strategic Communications & Audience Management

Power to Decide’s communication and engagement expertise helps organizations find the most effective ways to reach and engage their audiences.

Power to Decide has a well-deserved reputation for effectively communicating with myriad audiences—from policymakers to parents to media to young people themselves. Our success is based, in part, on listening closely to our target audiences and letting their needs help shape our efforts. We use a design-thinking framework for many of our efforts. It is our belief and experience that doing so helps improve the chances that successful solutions will surface through insights that come directly from the target audience.

Examples of our work:

  • Human-centered design

  • Crisis communications

  • Working with the media, from entertainment to influencer networks to the traditional press

  • Effective message framing and audience reach and engagement

  • Online and on-air advertising expertise

  • Social marketing campaigns

Program Design & Measurement

Providing young people (and the adult champions in their lives) with the information and skills to take charge of their sexual health is complex. Power to Decide can help craft solutions that meet your goals, as well as strategic ways to measure your progress.

Building systems of support that enable young people to take charge of their sexual health is complex. Power to Decide has considerable experience in crafting effective and innovative solutions that meet your goals, as well as strategic ways to measure your progress.

We work closely with clients to fully understand their context as well as existing needs and resources. Working in partnership, we will develop policy and systems solutions, programming, capacity building, and measurement planning that aligns with best practice, is feasible, and meets your needs.

Power to Decide has spent more than 20 years assessing and evaluating its own efforts, and guiding others to assess theirs. We understand the challenges—financial and otherwise—inherent in measurement and evaluation. We can help you decide the right time, right place, and right way to make sure your efforts are reaching their intended goals. We can offer direction on key questions to consider as your organization develops an evaluation strategy and decides how best to report evaluation data to funders and other key players.

Examples of our work:

  • Better Birth Control. We developed this framework, designed to provide specific recommendations for system-level strategies that communities can undertake within five domains: fundamental supports, health equity and cultural humility, communications and education, health care delivery systems, and policy.

  • Campus Sexual Health. We work with college campuses to ensure that their students have the information, services and support they need to take charge of their sexual health.

  • Child Welfare Initiative. We work with family courts throughout the country to build their capacity to incorporate intentional family formation into their work with young people.

Policy & Advocacy Strategy

Navigating state and local policy issues can be tricky. With more than 20 years of policy experience, Power to Decide can help your organization reach its policy and advocacy goals.

The Power to Decide policy team identifies, develops, and promotes a variety of policy options that will advance efforts to prevent unplanned pregnancy and reduce existing disparities. We work at the national and state levels with a variety of people and organizations and can work with you to identify effective policy solutions.

Examples of our work:

  • Policy Development. Providing assistance with identifying policy options, outlining or reviewing draft legislation or other policy initiatives, and sharing best practices and experiences from other states

  • Policy Strategy. Offering strategic advice regarding identifying partners, allies, materials, and activities to advance policy goals

  • Advocacy Strategy and Tactics. Advising how to approach and communicate with key federal and state policymakers to reach legislative goals

Licensed Content


Power to Decide has designed and implemented proven and innovative digital solutions for many different audiences including the most comprehensive and effective digital solution proven to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy.

Power to Decide has been recognized with dozens of prestigious awards for digital innovation.  We can help customize a digital solution for your audiences. We can help with:

  • Original content or curate and customize the hundreds of pages of unbiased and constantly updated content about methods of birth control, first person stories and videos, FAWs, animated cartoons, extended features, and news segments (available in English and Spanish)—already in our library and all of which can be white labeled.
  • Database and tools development that meet your practice needs – such as digital sexual health questionnaires and decision tools, localized service provider finders, and other interactive tools.
  • Mobile apps or other systems. We can build and customize tools – or work with you to adapt our existing tools for birth control push reminders and appointment reminders.

Featured Work


Bedsider.org is an online birth control resource designed to help reduce the proportion of unplanned pregnancies in the United States among people age 18–29. The goals of Bedsider are to help folks find the method of birth control that’s right for them, to learn how to use birth control consistently and effectively, and to gradually encourage everyone to consider using more effective forms of birth control over time.

Bedsider is designed to be a tool to help people learn about birth control options, better manage birth control, and in the process avoid getting pregnant until they are ready. The centerpiece of the Bedsider program is information about birth control methods as well as online tools on where to get birth control. This site allows users to explore and compare all available methods of contraception, set up birth control or appointment reminders, view videos of their peers discussing personal experiences with various methods of contraception, and be entertained and informed by humorous animated shorts that debunk myths about birth control. This site also provides a comprehensive list of locations to get birth control. Visitors to Bedsider.org can type in their zip code to find the closest clinic or place to get contraception over the counter

A 2014 study showed that Bedsider works. Bedsider is the first digital intervention in reproductive health in the US—with adults as an audience—that has shown to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Among women age 18 to 29 who participated in the yearlong randomized controlled trial:

  • Women in the Bedsider group were 1.51 times less likely to have a pregnancy scare than those in the control group.
  • Women in the Bedsider group were 2.54 times less likely to have unprotected sex.
  • Women in the Bedsider group were 3.79 times less likely to report an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Women in the Bedsider group were also more likely to use a more effective method of contraception.

The full report, which was published in Social Marketing Quarterly, can be downloaded at your convenience.


Power to Decide has the largest library of content for birth control and sexual health anywhere.

Power to Decide has been recognized with dozens of prestigious awards for its innovative and audience-centered content.  We have “off the shelf” content that includes:

  • Hundreds of pages of unbiased and constantly updated content about methods of birth control, first person stories and videos, FAWs, animated cartoons, extended features, and news segments (available in English and Spanish)—all of which can be white labeled.
  • An extensive photo and video library of diverse and compelling young people living well, as well as of all contraceptive methods.
  • Amazingly fun and colorful collateral for health and social service providers on sexual health and contraception—all of which can be customized for your brand.
  • We have the most comprehensive database in the US that allows users to find a local provider or health center, search for birth control that can be delivered, or locate emergency contraception—all of which can be localized.
  • We can use our deep experience to develop original content—whether it be written, video or photographic—to meet your needs.

Featured Work

Google Knowledge Panels

Google “IUD,” “birth control,” or “pulling out”—some of the most common queries about health—and you’ll find something new and really exciting. In the summer of 2016, in partnership with Power to Decide, Google launched a series of Knowledge Panels (KPs) for all FDA approved methods of contraception, and related terms, which include links to a section on the Power to Decide website which presents the full range of methods. So now, when you do a search, you’ll get overview information, names of common brands, and information on how it works—including points on side effects, effectiveness, and availability.

The Knowledge Panels are the result of Power to Decide's content services where we serve information—in this case articles and images—from our databases to other digital destinations.

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