3 Young Activists Advocating for Reproductive Health


3 Young Activists Advocating for Reproductive Health

by Pulane Hill
June 15, 2023
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Sexual and reproductive health education and also sexuality identity is important for all. It’s especially important for young teens because they’re at the age when they start to explore. In many schools, sex education is lacking. For queer teens there’s even less. That’s why in this blog it will be highlighted through the work of three young activists that are sharing and influencing the education of sexual identity and reproductive health for all.


Who is Kota Babcock?

Activist Kota Babcock, who is now 21 years old, grew up in Denver. During middle and high school, Kota had a passion for the local alternative rock scene. Kota also played in the marching band and has since parted ways with Colorado State University for other opportunities. Kota has served as a mentor for All The TEA, a Denver LGBTQ+ organization that focuses on HIV education and advocacy. A youth group, All The TEA is dedicated to promoting awareness of the impacts of young teens living with HIV. The organization builds safe places and informs the queer community about HIV testing. Kota employs his social media to raise awareness. Also in his advocacy work, Kota has spoken at events, where he discusses how important awareness is. Kota is still fighting the stigmas and misconceptions linked with HIV/AIDS in his state of Colorado.


Who is Zaya Perysian?

Zaya is 21 years old now, but two years ago, at the age of 18-year-old, she came out to her family. A well-known TikTok creator, Zaya has over 4.5 million supporters because of her entertaining videos. Since coming out as transgender, she encourages her followers to follow their hearts and stop worrying about what others may think. Zaya uses estrogen and testosterone blockers to aid in her transition and takes her followers along on her journey through a series on her YouTube/TikTok. In addition, she has shared the health insurance issues she’s experienced, which is something that many don't speak about. She communicates with her supporters the ups and downs of being a transgender person. 


A screenshot of The Violet Project website's homepage.

What is The Violet Project?

Thanks to online resources provided by The Violet Project, teenagers and young adults in Maryland now have access to menstrual products, educational materials, and STI kits. Violet provides about $20,000 worth of sanitary products every year and is entirely supported by philanthropic donations. Saumya Sao and Dr. Jenell Coleman, the GYN Specialties Division's research program coordinator at John Hopkins University, developed the platform. The organization has about 16 young people from high school to university advancing education by providing resources and hosting events. For example, some of their young people started a Youth Advisory Board for 13–24-year-olds to share and speak about sexual & reproductive health. Their main goal is to advocate against period poverty. 

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Pulane Hill will graduate from McKinley Tech High School in Washington, DC. She was the Historian in student government for the class of 2023 and plans to study marketing and minor in graphic design in college.