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Do you work on teen pregnancy prevention as well as unplanned pregnancy in general?

Our mission focuses on both teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy. Our 2026 goals are to (1) reduce teen pregnancy by 50%; (2) reduce unplanned pregnancy among women age 18 to 29 by 25%; and (3) reduce racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in teen and unplanned pregnancy rates by 50%.

Almost all teen pregnancies are also unplanned pregnancies; and although teen pregnancy has long been a recognized challenge—and rates have sharply decreased in recent years—unplanned pregnancy among young folks 18 and older has received less attention. We are dedicated to ensuring that all young people—from teens through early adulthood—have the sexual health and contraceptive information they need.

Read an overview of work in this About Us handout

Does your focus on equity mean that other groups won’t be included in your efforts?

Power to Decide has always worked on issues related to closing the disparity gaps among racial and ethnic groups. From our work with Black faith leaders and our Latino Initiative, ensuring that all communities are reached by our work has been of paramount importance to our organization and our staff since our founding in 1996. Our heightened focus on equity is an extension of that. It allows us to focus in on particular regions of the country, racial/ethnic communities, and socioeconomic groups for whom our messages might not have resonated as they should have. By crafting programs and policies that reach all young people, we ensure that we are making continued progress in reducing rates of teen and unplanned pregnancy and that no young people, regardless of backgrounds or where they live, are left behind.

How can Power to Decide offer services to other organizations working on unplanned pregnancy prevention?

Through Select360, Power to Decide offers a variety of services to support change at the national, state, and local levels—from off-the-shelf solutions to tailored support and technical assistance.

Our suite of services includes:

  • One Key Question: A groundbreaking, simple service to transform health care for everyone.

  • Strategic Communications and Audience Engagement: Helping organizations find the most effective ways to reach their audience.

  • Program Design and Measurement: Strategies for providing young people (and the adult influencers in their lives) with the information and skills to take charge of their sexual health.

  • Policy and Advocacy Strategy: Helping organizations reach their state and local policy goals.

Learn more about Select360 or email us directly with your questions.

How do I order Power to Decide resources?

We offer a variety of materials, including postcards, posters, pamphlets, manuals, and DVDs for use in your program or clinic; tshirts, hats and other popular items; research reports; and other items.

  • Visit our online store: purchases are 100% secure and your order is received instantly—this is the fastest way to complete your transaction.

For orders not placed via our online store, Power to Decide accepts purchase orders via email, fax, or mail. Please be sure all purchase orders include shipping and billing address (with “attention” name for both), items for purchase and quantity per item, shipping type (ground, two-day, or next-day), as well as tax-exempt ID if applicable.

  • By email: Send purchase orders to orders@powertodecide.org, Purchase Order in the subject line
  • By fax: Send Purchase Orders to 202-478-8588, attention Fulfillment

Please note: Power to Decide does not accept orders by phone. If you have questions about an order, please contact our Coordinator, Office & Fulfillment.

What can I do to help ensure that others have the power to decide?

Thank you for asking! We can’t do the work we do without the help of others who have a shared commitment to preventing teen and unplanned pregnancy.

  • Donate: Please consider making a financial contribution to Power to Decide. To make a gift and find out how your financial contribution helps, visit our Donation page.
  • Join: Looking for tips and information? The latest facts and stats? Research on what works? Sign up for Power to Decide’s email updates.
  • Get Involved: Ready to demand that every young person has the power to decide? Proud to give a shout out to the opportunities birth control has opened in your life? Power to Decide has ways for everyone to get involved—from young people to parents and supportive adults to champions and advocates to policymakers and influencers. Learn more on our Get Involved page.
What is your position on abortion?

Our work is focused on ensuring access to and consistent use of contraception to avoid unplanned or mistimed pregnancy. Today, many people do not have access to the contraceptive method right for them. And sometimes, birth control fails. We believe that folks who do experience an unplanned pregnancy should have access to all options available to them, including abortion. To support them, we offer information about their legal options and connect them with resources to help them in their decision-making. We support a policy framework that makes abortion available as a part of the full spectrum of reproductive health services.

How do I cite information provided by Power to Decide?

Most of our fact sheets do not have a specific author. For these documents, use our organization name as the author. For example, for the publication Everyone Loves Birth Control:

Power to Decide. (2020). Everyone Loves Birth Control. [Online]. Available: https://powertodecide.org/what-we-do/information/resource-library/everyone-loves-birth-control. Washington: Author.

If a document is undated, you can assume it was written (or updated) in the current year. For the proper citation in a specific style such as APA or MLA, please consult a style manual or textbook.

We also welcome you to link to our materials with appropriate attribution.

Does Power to Decide have an annual conference?

We do not have an annual conference. However, over the course of any given year, we host a variety of events and webinars for a variety of audiences: conferences; roundtable discussions; workshops; national teleconferences; seminars in Washington, DC, where we are headquartered; or online events.

The best way to stay informed about upcoming events is to sign up for the Power to Decide email newsletter.