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BCBenefits: A Contraceptive Access Fund

Program Update

We're pausing the BCBenefits programs while we explore the best ways to move forward with supporting access to birth control. 

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What is a Contraceptive Access Fund?

More than 19 million women in United States who are in need of publicly funded contraception live in contraceptive deserts —counties without reasonable access to the full range of contraceptive methods. Further, an estimated 11.9 million women (age 19-64) in the US still lack access to any form of health insurance, and consequently, no- or low-cost contraception. These grave statistics mean that millions of women in the US live in the difficult circumstance of having to not only navigate direct cost barriers to contraception, but also associated transportation costs, child care costs, and unpaid time off work.

In April 2019, we launched BCBenefits, a contraceptive access fund, to support everyone's power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. The fund helps people of low income overcome some of the most commonly-faced barriers in access to contraception, such as transportation.

A special thank you to the following supporters of the contraceptive access fund.

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