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Raise Your Voice with Decision Makers

Learn about places where people don’t have access to contraception, and let your elected officials know that this must change. Elected officials make decisions that can expand or restrict access to contraception, abortion, and other forms of reproductive health care. Get informed about this critical issue and let your elected officials know what you think. Read on for questions to ask and ways to get in touch.

See our Take Action page for opportunities to contact your representatives in Congress!


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Reach Out to YOUR Representatives

When contacting policymakers about legislation you’d like them to support, it’s important to stick to those who represent the community where you live. While you may be able to make a compelling argument to any lawmaker, elected officials are mainly concerned with representing the views of their constituents—those who reside in their district. When reaching out to your representatives, be sure to identify yourself as a constituent in your message. Don’t know all your representatives? You can find everyone who represents you, from your city councilmember to your senator, by inputting your address here:

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Contact Your Rep, Even If You Know They Disagree

Even if you already know you and your representative(s) don’t see eye to eye, it’s still important that they hear from you. Elected officials are supposed to represent the values and interests of their constituents. So, even if they have already demonstrated that they are not on your side, they should at least know what it is that you value. If enough of their constituents implore them to change their mind, they just may do so!

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Contact Your Rep, Even If You Know They DO Agree

There is another side to this coin. You might have a representative that is already doing everything they can to improve access to reproductive health care. This might lead you to believe there’s no need to contact this representative. On the contrary, sharing your support with a representative for the work that they are doing helps bolster the idea that they are acting in the interest of the community. Plus, everyone appreciates some positive reinforcement!

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See It To Believe It – Ways to Enhance Your Message

Demonstrate why an issue is important to you by telling a story about your personal connection to it. Talking about how a policy will positively or negatively impact your life can help your representative to see things from your point of view. However, never feel compelled to share a personal story or every detail if/when you’re not comfortable. While being able to see how an issue has directly impacted a constituent is important, your comfort and feeling empowered is just as important! It’s ok to not always share the intimate details of how something has impacted you. 

In order to make your message more convincing to your representatives, consider adding data or a personal story. Using robust statistics in your message can help persuade your representative and will create an evidence-based argument. Use our resources to find data about where you live to include in your message. 

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Catch More Flies With Honey

While it’s great to be fired up about these important issues, it’s important to stay polite and professional when talking to decision makers. Never use vulgar language, and always be respectful.

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Use Social Media

Go social! Nowadays, all elected officials have social media accounts. Follow them and let them know that you support access to reproductive health care and why. Simply copy and paste these messages to your social profiles—be sure to tag your representatives. 

Messages for your local representatives:

Messages for your members of Congress:

  • @YOURMEMBER, Please support the Right to Contraception Act to ensure that everyone has the right to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. 
  • The Title X Family Planning Program gives people with low-incomes and young people the power to decide their futures. @YOURMEMBER, please support efforts to increase funding for this important program.