11 Black Creators You Need to Follow


11 Black Creators You Need to Follow

February 24, 2022
A Black women sets up a phone in a ring light.

February is Black History Month, an annual celebration of the integral role Black people play our country. And while there are countless Black women and men who have made history in many different ways and in a variety of fields, we’d like to take this opportunity to uplift 11 Black voices using their social platforms to advance reproductive health and well-being for their communities.

A Black Female Therapist, @ablackfemaletherapist 


This North Carolina based therapist uses her platform to help people set boundaries, speak up for their needs, and build healthier relationships. 

Dr. Shon Cooper, MD, @shoncoopermd



Connecticut-based OBGYN, Dr. Cooper’s Instagram is filled with reminders to take time for self-care, stories of injustice faced by Black and other minority people, and affirmations. 

Dr. Nadine Thornhill, Ed D, @nadinethornill


Nadine co-hosts the podcast @everybodycurious, which explores what young people today are genuinely curious about. Her Instagram is filled with snippets of her day-to-day life as well as moments of sex education and tips for sex educators. 

Shay Blue, PA-C, @txshay


A gynecologist physician’s assistant, Shay encourages her followers to think critically about their perspectives and thoughts and to work to change their mindsets to be more positive. Shay also talks about the importance of diversity in health care and her experiences as one of the 3.3% of Black certified PAs. 

Rafaella Fiallo, @healingxchg


Relationship, sex, & trauma therapist, Rafaella is a co-creator of @Afrosexology_, which is an online space specifically for Black people to openly discuss sexual exploration and liberation. Her personal Instagram is a place where she shares even more about relationships, sex, and sexuality. 

Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, @thesensiblesexpert


A sex researcher and sex educator, Dr. Wendasha hosts the podcast, “Sensible Sex with Dr. Wendasha,” and her Instagram is the perfect place to go for sensible tips on healthy relationships (with yourself and others). Dr. Wendasha posts a word of the week every Monday. This week’s word? Sensuality. 

Ev’Yan Whitney, @evyan.whitney


A sexuality doula, sex educator, and author, Ev’Yan talks frankly about all things pleasure and sexuality on her Instagram. Recent posts cover libido, desire, and her new book, Sensual Self

Shemeka Thorpe, PhD, @drshemeka


Shemeka centers Black women’s sexual well-being in all her work as well as on her Instagram. She posts regularly about academic research (or the lack of it) looking specifically at Black women and sexuality and pleasure so that her followers can learn about their bodies, passion, and much more from a variety of sources. 

Charis Chambers, MD, @theperioddoctor


A pediatric and adolescent OBGYN, Charis tackles misconceptions and myths on her Instagram. She covers topics ranging from emergency contraception, virginity, how to properly clean a vulva, and so much more. 

Xerces, @sensualxerces


Writer and healer Xerces (pronounced Air-sis) strives to help women (and couples) thrive through counseling and guided healing journeys. Her Instagram offers wisdom around desire, self-pleasure, and intimacy mixed between personal posts about her our journey. 

Dr. Chimmy, MD, @withlove_drchimmy


Dr. Chimmy wants to normalize periods, puberty, and everything that goes with it. And as a pediatric and teen gynecologist she has plenty of experience to share with both young people and the family and mentors who love them.