5 Resources to Help You Start Meaningful Conversations This PRIDE Month


5 Resources to Help You Start Meaningful Conversations This PRIDE Month

by De'Jonnae Boyd
June 1, 2018
To people holding hands with rainbow accessories and the word PRIDE written on one forearm

It’s PRIDE month and we’re encouraging parents, mentors, and trusted adults everywhere to talk with the young people in their lives about being healthy, staying safe, and feeling great about who they are. Research shows that sex education programs are failing LGBTQ youth. Misleading negative information fails to prepare LGBTQ youth on how to stay healthy—both mentally and physically. Additionally, these youths are also at an increased risk of experiencing things like bullying and abuse.

The combination of stigma-induced stress, bullying and abuse, and the lack of LGBTQ-inclusive sex education has led to worse sexual health outcomes than straight or cisgender youth. LGBTQ teens are less likely to report using condoms or birth control and young women who identify as bisexual or lesbian are more likely than their straight peers to experience an unintended pregnancy. LGBTQ youth often list a limited number of adults they trust to talk about their sexual health with. When parents, mentors, and allies start conversations with LGBTQ youth and show their support and interest, it’s particularly powerful. LGBTQ youth who have a support system are less likely to attempt suicide, be depressed, use illegal drugs, or have unprotected sex.

It’s never too early to jumpstart important conversations about safe sex, healthy relationships, and self-esteem with the LBGTQ youth you care about most. The young people in your life deserve access to the health care and resources they need to live out the futures they envision for themselves. Check out these top five resources, and start talking today:

5 Resources for PRIDE Month

1. Four Must-Have Conversations

We know that talking is power. This spring, don’t skip the conversations that matter the most. Here are four conversations every parent, mentor, and trusted adult should be having with young people in their lives.

2. Bisexual or Questioning? Don’t Skip the Birth Control

Bisexual youth are twice as likely to experience an unplanned pregnancy. You can change the narrative for young people. Check out this article and be sure to talk with your teen about birth control and their options.

3. Logic–1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

Short on time but keen on supporting the LGBTQ youth in your life? Here’s a tune that’s challenging parents, mentors, and youth worldwide to think about the impact of bullying and homophobia. You may want to grab a Kleenex.

4. Sex, Gender, and Orientation

This awesome article, from a healthcare provider’s perspective, breaks down the differences between a few terms that are often easily conflated: sex, gender, and orientation. Understanding sexual identities and how individuals identify doesn’t only make you a well-informed champion but also an empathetic ally.  

5. STI Myths That Get in The Way of a Healthy Sex Life

STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, are a concern for all people engaging intimately with a partner. Don’t assume that your young person has learned what they need to know at school—a recent case study shows that more times than not, that’s not the case. In this article, we debunk common STI myths. Check it out and be sure to talk to your young person about getting tested.

Remember, your voice is more powerful than you think. This PRIDE month and every month, know that your young person is listening. Start talking today!