Back to Basics


Back to Basics

July 19, 2022
A woman sits in a chair and watches a video on her laptop.

You’ve got birth control questions? Dr. Raegan has answers. 

Sometimes, we all need to go back to basics. For 25 years, Power to Decide, and our Bedsider program, has been providing reliable information about all methods of birth control and serving as an approachable, evidence-based source on reproductive and sexual health. Continuing our commitment to providing reliable and accessible information—and to celebrate the 10th anniversary and recent redesign of Bedsider—our CEO, Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley has launched a birth control basics series on YouTube



Over the course of 10 videos Dr. Raegan covers the ins and outs of each of the seventeen FDA-approved birth control methods and answers some common questions and concerns about birth control. Each is under a minute long and uses clear, easy to understand language to convey the facts about contraception. 



Whether you’re a teen looking into starting birth control, a parent or champion looking for a way to talk to a young person about their options, or someone ready to re-evaluate your current method, check out the entire playlist to get a handle on how each method works. 



Need more birth control info? Head to Bedsider’s side-by-side comparison tool to contrast the effectiveness, side effects, cost, and other attributes of birth control methods. Plus, if you have questions, you can always tweet them @DrRaegan or using the hashtag #AskDrRaegan