Birth Control Update: the Mirena IUD is Effective for 8 Years


Birth Control Update: the Mirena IUD is Effective for 8 Years

November 15, 2022
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In case you missed it: the FDA recently announced that the Mirena IUD is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to 8 years (up from 7 years)! This includes Mirena’s that have already been placed and any new ones put in moving forward.

That means that as a Mirena-owner, I get to plan on enjoying the benefits of my birth control all the way through 2026 without putting in any extra effort! Thanks to my IUD, I don’t have a period, don’t have to interrupt the heat of the moment for my birth control, and don’t have to worry about my plans for the future being derailed. 

And I’m not alone in rejoicing the fact that I get to hold onto my IUD for whole extra year:

Leave that Mirena in for 8 years (for contraception)

I got my IUD replaced this morning and found out the one I got (Mirena) is now good for EIGHT (8) YEARS! I don't have to worry about birth control until 2030! And you know what? I hope these cramps go away before I go to sleep tonight!

Mirena IUD has been approved for 8 years of use for contraception!! #win

The FDA has finally approved the #Mirena #IUD for 8 years (up from five)! This new approval is going to especially help people facing contraceptive health access issues. We are so grateful for #reproresearch participants in the Mirena Extension Trial!

They approved the Mirena for 8 years now   

Rare that we get expansion/growth/good things in repro health these days but! Mirena IUD is now FDA approved for 8 years of use! Pass it on! #iud #reprohealth

my IUD just got approved by the FDA for 8 years of use YEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Finding out my IUD just got approved for 8 years instead of only 5 years

With everything going on in the world, it could hardly be more important that we all get loud about how much our birth control means to us! That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on Wednesday, November 16th for our annual Thanks, Birth Control celebration to tell the world why you say #ThxBirthControl. Learn more and get ready!