Continuing to Talk It Out


Continuing to Talk It Out

October 29, 2020
A speak bubble says, "Let's Talk Talk it out: powerful conversations."

Throughout the month, we’ve celebrated the special relationship between young people and their champions. We encouraged everyone—including ourselves—to seek out and engage in conversations about sex, love, relationships, and, ultimately, birth control.

Here’s a recap of what we shared and learned in October: 

Over the last month we’ve heard the personal story of an immigrant, a young mother, and a mentor. We’ve also heard from parents about why they want to talk to their kids and from a granddaughter about why she likes their intergenerational friendship. 

We’ve shared stigma-busting Instagram accounts for you to follow and pass along to friends, a guide for single parents on how to talk to their kids about relationships and birth control, and some suggestions on how to talk to your friends in a fun way about sex and their reproductive well-being during socially distanced hangouts. 

Although October and Let’s Talk Month are ending, don’t stop having powerful conversations with those around you. We live in trying times, which have challenged individuals in so many ways. But amongst the challenges we have also had greater opportunities to be with our families and our friends (in-person or virtually) and have uninterrupted conversations. So, continue to talk it out among those you care about and don’t forget to use our resources if you get stuck. 

P.S. Join us on November 18 for Thanks, Birth Control Day—a time to start conversations about what birth control makes possible for people everywhere.