Let’s Talk Access with Simple Health


Let’s Talk Access with Simple Health

October 15, 2019
A woman's hand pulls a packet of birth control pills out of her pocket

We often talk about how birth control is a basic part of health care and how access to the full range of contraceptive methods is critical to having the power to decide your future. But a lack of access impacts more than 19.5 million women in the US in need of publicly funded contraception. For these women getting contraception means having to do more than show up to an appointment. They must find a babysitter, take time off work, or travel long distances to access their preferred birth control method.

During Let’s Talk Month we’ve partnered with Simple Health for their #KissMyAccess campaign to ignite conversation around the lack of awareness around birth control access. Despite its importance, we know that people just don’t talk about birth control. And by not talking about it, reproductive health awareness, access, and progress—as well as women themselves—have suffered.

We know it’s not easy. Simple Health surveyed patients and found that 70% have struggled to access birth control in the past, 55% have felt uncomfortable talking about birth control with family, and 47% have felt the need to take their birth control discreetly.

If you’ve ever struggled to get your birth control—because of cost, insurance coverage, doctor interference, time off, or any other reason—we’re asking you to publicly talk about it. Share your story on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #KissMyAccess, and for each tagged post in October, Simple Health will donate one month of birth control to an uninsured woman.

By talking about your birth control journey, you’re helping uninsured women get access and inspiring women everywhere to own the conversation. And while you’re talking, why not start a conversation with a young person in your life about sex, love, and relationships? Parents and champions are the #1 resource young people look to for information on these topics. Talking about sex and birth control helps teens to make better decisions and supports an open relationship that will allow them to pursue the future they want on their own terms.

Get inspired. Use your voice. Let’s talk.