Sex (Ed) in the News


Sex (Ed) in the News

May 28, 2021
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When it comes to news on sex education, there can be a lot to sift through. From questions on how to start the talk, to the history of sex education, to why sex education isn’t federally funded, it can get overwhelming at times. For Talking Is Power and Sex Ed For All month, we put together a list of the latest sexual health news resources to help you start the talk and learn more about sex education and how to advocate for more inclusive sex education. 

Ms. Magazine: The History of Sex Ed: From Awkward and Exclusionary, to Affirmative and Empowering

SIECUS’s History of Sex Education narrates the trajectory of sex ed over the last several decades, revealing how mainstream curricula responded to specific economic and political objectives.

NPR’s Life Kit: Sex Ed Often Leaves Out Queer People. Here's What To Know

With no standard national sex ed curriculum, gaps between what information kids are receiving and what they should be receiving are apparent across the country. Sex education often lacks LGBTQ+ topics and inclusive information. Here’s what you need to know for inclusive sex education and the impact of non-inclusive sex education on young people. 

Brit + Co: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex At Any Age

Starting ‘The Talk’ can be intimidating. From wondering how to, when to, or if to start the conversation, many adults feel lost when it comes to the topics of sex, love, and relationships. From age 3 to age 13, this article covers how to start the conversation at any age. 

The Hill: Gen Z is taking their sex education into their own hands — and tackling period poverty in the process

Much education around periods is gender binary and, occurs in a gender-segregated classes. August is an initiative founded by two Gen Z college students with the mission of tackling period care and wellness. The Ask August database is a free online resource for period health education backed by medical professionals.

EBONY: Black Women Sex Educators Are Changing

Many of the influencers in the sex education space aren’t people of color, yet young Black people are the most affected when it comes to those lacking inclusive, medically accurate, and high-quality sex education in their schools and communities. Check out these five fierce Black women paving the way for sexual healing for Black people for decades to come.  

Truthout: Most of US Wants Sex Ed in Schools. Why Isn’t It Federally Mandated and Funded?

The majority of adults support high-quality sex education, yet there still is not a federally funded and mandated sex education curriculum in the United States. If you’re curious why, check out this article to learn more. 

The Body: Comprehensive Sex Education Could Curb Everyone’s Trauma Around Sex 

A lot of people grew up learning sex ed in a shameful and judgmental way. Lack of proper education and misinformation has led to sexual trauma in many adults today. If everyone had high-quality, medically accurate, and inclusive sex ed we might be able to curb the trauma around sex.