Spread the Word About AbortionFinder


Spread the Word About AbortionFinder

January 18, 2023

Here at Power to Decide, we are committed to making sure that everyone who needs help finding an abortion can access our comprehensive, nationwide directory of abortion providers. AbortionFinder (AbortionFinder.org) is an easy-to-use search tool built on a database of over 700 verified abortion providers across the country. By entering their age, the first day of their last period, and their location, and AbortionFinder can provide a list of nearby abortion providers who can help. 

Over the last few difficult months, AbortionFinder has been a steadfast source of support for abortion seekers across the country. And as even more states move to ban or restrict abortion access, AbortionFinder has continued to regularly check that the information about each clinic in their database is up-to-date and accurate. 

AbortionFinder is having a big impact, but we need to keep pushing! Follow these steps to make sure that as many people know about AbortionFinder as possible:

Follow AbortionFinder Across Social Media

AbortionFinder is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also partner with Bedsider’s TikTok channel to regularly post videos about how to access care and more. By helping build AbortionFinder’s network and following along, you can be in the know about new features and access updates. 

Create Your Own Post

To help you get started, we created a toolkit to make spreading the word about AbortionFinder as easy as possible! The toolkit includes important links, evergreen articles, sample social media language, and a wealth of shareable graphics. Our collection of GIFs and stickers are also available across platforms so you can decorate your social media posts. Search for the graphics on iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok using keywords such as abortion, abortion finder, and bedsider.  

Rock AbortionFinder Swag

Want to show off that you're unapologetically #AbortionPositive everywhere you go? The AbortionFinder lapel pin can be easily attached to any fabric to show support and positivity for abortion access. A great addition to lanyards, clothes, bags, hats, etc. Order and see what else is in stock!

Get Free Stickers

Along with a QR code, easy to access text support in English and Spanish is listed on these stickers. Perfect for helping us spread the word about AbortionFinder.org! Sticker packs are free–we just ask that you pay shipping and handling. Each pack comes with ten stickers, with a limit of five packs per order. They are perfect for medical badges, clipboards, notebooks, or your local bulletin board! Order now

Support Our Work 

An image of two women hugging and the words Together we are powerful. Donate now.

Actual human beings at Power to Decide verify that every clinic included the database actually provides abortion. We could not have launched AbortionFinder without support from donors like you. By giving to Power to Decide, you can help ensure that all abortion seekers get the trusted information they need, when they need it. 

Abortion is essential, time-sensitive, and life-saving care that remains as necessary as ever. By getting loud about AbortionFinder, you have the opportunity to connect someone in your network with a trusted resource that they may have not known about before. So get moving and get loud!