Campus Sexual Health

Campus Sexual Health

Colleges and universities have a vested interest in helping their students stay in school, graduate, and build a lifetime of opportunity. Ensuring that all students have the power to decide if and when to get pregnant and have a child—as well as supporting them with other issues such as sexual violence and sexually transmitted infections—is an investment in their success. To help colleges address students’ sexual health needs, Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, created the Campus Sexual Health Program. Colleges across the country use our planning framework to advance strategies that are sustainable, scalable, systemic, customizable, relevant, adaptable, and measurable.

Colleges use our tools to define the services, programs, policies, and practices they will use to better support their students’ sexual health needs and, in turn, help those students stay in school and earn their diploma. The Campus Sexual Health Program addresses specific system-level strategies in four areas: overall policy and systems change, sexual health services, information and education, and equity. The goal is to create an institutionalized initiative that will persist even if funding or a key champion goes away, ensuring that students never lose the power to decide.

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Bedsider U



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Bedsider U is a program of Power to Decide designed to engage audiences who are currently enrolled in college or university settings. Bedsider U seeks to support a collaborative relationship with students to support conversations, partnerships, and initiatives focusing on pregnancy and STI prevention, reproductive autonomy, access to SRH services and information, and physical and emotional relationships utilizing the intersection of human connection and technology.  

Students can join the Bedsider U Facebook group to connect with other Bedsider U Reps from across the country, get access to exclusive content, contests, and other opportunities. These opportunities include contests for branded merchandise, educational materials, event scholarships, and more. This is the place for students to get started, learn more, ask questions, and get connected with other reps from around the country. More information on Bedsider U can also be found here, including a formal application and FAQs.