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Campus Sexual Health

Supporting HBCU Student Success Through Sexual and Reproductive Well-Being

Are you a student at a Historically Black College or University? Do you want to support sexual and reproductive health on your campus?

Apply for our 2023 student ambassadorship! 

Our goal is to support you as you launch a sexual and reproductive health awareness campaign on your HBCU campus to inspire and shape how your peers receive and engage in sexual and reproductive health conversations. 

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To apply:
  • Applications must be submitted in teams of two. 
  • Both students must be undergraduate or graduate students at an HBCU campus, age 18-25. 
  • Both students must be in good academic standing. 
  • Be willing to commit to regular, monthly meetings and activities (online and in person).
  • Get creative with your application! Tell us about your campus in writing or upload a video!
  • Submit one application per team by Friday, February 24, 2023

To learn more about the HBCU Student Ambassadorship, watch a recording of our Virtual Information Session, which was held on January 25. 

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Each ambassador will receive:
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$2,000 stipend per student ($4,000 per team). 


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Ongoing coaching and support from Power to Decide staff. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact JeNeen Anderson at

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With Support from the team at Power to Decide, Ambassadors will:
  • Create and share social media content. 
  • Have exclusive access to online sexual health trainings. 
  • Design campus swag to promote your campaign. 
  • Host a campus event. 

Colleges and universities have a vested interest in helping their students stay in school, graduate, and build a lifetime of opportunity. Ensuring that all students have the power to decide if and when to get pregnant and have a child—as well as supporting them with other issues such as sexual violence and sexually transmitted infections—is an investment in their success. To help colleges address students’ sexual health needs, Power to Decide created the Campus Sexual Health Program. Colleges across the country use our planning framework to advance strategies that are sustainable, scalable, systemic, customizable, relevant, adaptable, and measurable.

Colleges use our tools to define the services, programs, policies, and practices they will use to better support their students’ sexual health needs and, in turn, help those students stay in school and earn their diploma. The Campus Sexual Health Program addresses specific system-level strategies in four areas: overall policy and systems change, sexual health services, information and education, and equity. The goal is to create an institutionalized initiative that will persist even if funding or a key champion goes away, ensuring that students never lose the power to decide.

Contact us to learn more.