Power to Decide Statement on Over-the-Counter Birth Control Release and Pricing

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Power to Decide Statement on Over-the-Counter Birth Control Release and Pricing

March 4, 2024

Washington, D.C. — Today, the pharmaceutical company Perrigo announced that it will begin shipping the first ever FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) daily oral contraceptive pill, Opill, to retailers across the country. This marks a historic advancement in access to contraception, which for decades advocates have been fighting for. 

Additionally, Perrigo recommended a retail price of $19.99 for a one-month supply of Opill. However, it will be up to individual retailers to set their price, which may vary across stores and locations. Consumers can expect to find Opill in retailers and pharmacies in the coming weeks. 

While the OTC birth control pill will greatly increase contraceptive access, the price will continue to be a barrier for many. There is still a need for insurance coverage of all OTC contraception  without a prescription, a robust consumer assistance program from Perrigo, and availability of the full range of contraceptive methods–including Opill–at safety net clinics to ensure equitable access of contraception for all. 

In response to Perrigo’s announcement, Power to Decide CEO, Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, MD, MPH, issued the following statement: 

“FDA approval of the first over-the-counter birth control pill is a major milestone in reproductive health and a critical step toward ensuring contraceptive access for all, but we need to make sure that those in need can actually afford to use it. When it comes to contraception, affordability is critical to meaningful access.

“As a practicing OBGYN, I know that most patients do not need to visit their health care provider to safely and effectively use birth control pills, and that the requirement for a visit presents significant obstacles for many people. Ensuring that over-the-counter birth control is affordable, covered by insurance and accessible for all ages will especially help those in contraceptive deserts—counties where people in need of publicly funded contraceptive care lack reasonable access to a clinic that provides the full range of contraceptive methods. 

“At a time when reproductive health and rights are under attack, it is critical that everyone has the ability to access a birth control pill without barriers such as cost, prescriptions, insurance coverage and medical appointments. Heading to your local convenience or retail store for OTC birth control and not having to wait weeks or even months for a medical appointment is a game changer. At Power to Decide, we will continue to push for everyone to have equitable access to take control of their reproductive and sexual health care.”

To explore all your birth control options and learn more about Opill, visit Bedsider.org. 


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