How You Can Spread Your Love of BC


How You Can Spread Your Love of BC

by Chloe Bautista
November 17, 2020
A mother and her daughter sit on the sofa and chat.

Every year Power to Decide and Bedsider work together on Thanks, Birth Control, a campaign for you to show your appreciation and thanks for our birth control. There are many ways that you can participate alongside us. This year, on November 18, join us in saying #ThxBirthControl. We encourage everyone to share your thoughts on why you are appreciative of your birth control method. And, even after November 18 there are many ways to do this and keep doing it. Here are three suggestions for how you can get involved in this year’s #ThxBirthControl day:

Take to Social Media

A great way to share why you are thankful for your birth control is by posting about it on your social media, using platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. By posting on social media you can reach out to friends and strangers alike. Posting your story can inspire other people to share theirs. But if you don't feel comfortable about sharing your story that shouldn't scare you from participating in this campaign. Even spreading awareness about the day on social media without specifically sharing why you are thankful can inform others and inspire them to take action. Remember to tag #ThxBirthControl and mention @PowertoDecide and @Bedsider in every post to help us trend and spread the word even further. 

Make it Personal 

If you want to make the day a little more personal you can talk with close friends and family to go deeper into why you are thankful for your birth control method. Posting on social media can reach many people, however you can't always fit your full thoughts into one post, or you might not be willing to share them all online. #ThxBirthControl shouldn't just be an online campaign, so talking face-to-face can help reach people who are off of social media. It can also spread the message of the campaign to older generations or others who don't have a Twitter account. 

Stay Educated

#ThxBirthControl day is a great time to educate yourself on topics concerning birth control. Staying educated on the government's role in birth control access is a great place to start. For example, did you know about the new Supreme Court ruling allowing employers to deny contraceptives under insurance? There are many other laws and rulings limiting people's access to birth control. 

It’s also important to stay educated on birth control methods. There are new contraceptives available such as the new birth control ring, ANNOVERA. #ThxBirthControl gives you a great excuse to research them and reevaluate your birth control method if you aren’t totally happy. Always mention to your health care provider your concerns. If you want to change your contraceptive method ask their educated opinion on which methods will work best for you because every method affects an individual differently. 

#ThxBirthControl day is a way for you and millions of others in the US and across the world to share their appreciation for their birth control. Even after the day is over you can keep the conversation going. On November 18 remember to share your stories and why you are grateful for your birth control by using the #ThxBirthControl on social media.