Impacts of the Domestic Gag Rule

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Impacts of the Domestic Gag Rule

A map of the deserts in the US if Title X no longer exists

People Most in Need Are Paying the Price

The domestic gag rule’s impact on birth control access is nothing short of catastrophic for people living on limited incomes. It means that people who have long relied on the program may have higher out of pocket costs for health care and contraception because clinics will no longer have funds to support them. As a result of this rule the number of people who live in counties without a single clinic offering the full range of birth control methods could triple. People already counting every penny may need to travel longer distances to clinics offering services, take more time off work, or pay for additional child care costs.

Already, women in more than 325 counties across the nation are at risk of losing access to the birth control they need because the clinic they depend on has lost its Title X funding. As more clinics are forced out of the program, this number will only rise. Since the rule began to be enforced in August, stories of increased costs, shorter hours, and fewer services being offered have flooded in.

September 2019

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