Introducing Power to Decide’s HBCU Student Ambassadors


Introducing Power to Decide’s HBCU Student Ambassadors

May 25, 2023
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We are proud to announce our 2023 HBCU Student Ambassadors for our new initiative to empower young adults through student-led peer education and support at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This initiative also aims to advance a culture of reproductive well-being, an innovative framework centered on the belief that every person should have equitable access to the information, services, systems, and support they need to have control over their bodies, and to make their own decisions related to sexuality and reproduction throughout their lives. 

We are thrilled to welcome the following students and reproductive well-being champions that will lead this movement across five HBCU campuses:


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Fayetteville State University: Andre Poyser & Kaila Coleman  

Andre is a sophomore and a pre-health biology major and is passionate about health care, medicine, and healthy living. Upon graduating, Andre plans on furthering his education in medicine by enrolling in PA school. He also dreams of reinvesting in the current health care system in his hometown in Jamaica.

Kaila is a freshman majoring in health care administration. She plans to work in hospital administration after graduation to represent African American women in the business side of health care, which is underrepresented. Kaila also wants to start a counseling center for African American families that focuses on breaking generational curses and creating healthy bonds between parents and their children.


The student team from Tougaloo College.

Tougaloo College: Nayla McClure & Rokiyah Hobbs

Nayla is a freshmen political science major with a pre-Law/public policy minor. After graduating she plans to attend law school to advocate for policy change in marginalized communities. Nayla serves as the treasurer for the American Association of University Women, the chief editor of the TC Ventisie and the Trailblazer, a member of the Strada HBCU initiative team, and the social media director for the Reuben V. Anderson Pre-Law Society.

Rokiyah is a freshman majoring in political science with minors in pre-law and public policy. After graduating she plans to attend law school and contribute her time to advocacy work. Rokiyah is very involved in campus organizations including Pre-Alumni Council, AAUW, Tougaloo Cheer Team, Reuben V. Anderson Pre-Law Society, Black Girl Lighthouse, Doulas @Tougaloo, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, and Starda HBCU Initiative member.


The student team from Tuskegee University.

Tuskegee University: Haileigh Trainer & Wischell Joseph 

Haileigh is a biology & psychology major. After graduating her plans include furthering her education to become a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, opening safe havens for neglected adolescents, and finding ways to end health disparities. Haileigh currently serves as the 2023-2024 Miss Junior at Tuskegee University. She is also a proud member of Inspirational Girls, NextStepUp Mentoring, Skegee Service Committee, and the founder of “A Different You”, a website that gives students access to scholarships, mental health advocacy, and much more.

Wischell is a sophomore biology major and psychology minor. She plans to graduate in May of 2025 and will continue on to medical school. She aspires to be an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Wischell is a proud member of the Tuskegee University Golden Voices Choir, Inspirational Girls, Collegiate 100, International Student Association, Women in Pre-Med, and more.


The HBCU student team from The University of the Virgin Islands.

The University of the Virgin Islands (OEK Campus): Jackeima Flemming & Kurvonte Richards-Willett  

Jackeima is a senior majoring in marketing and is an aspiring strategic marketing analyst and researcher. A true advocate of service, Jackeima started her own non-profit, NICHE Disability Awareness Foundation, which focuses on people living with disabilities, and has founded Study-Strive-Succeed which supports black students from impoverished communities. Jackeima currently serves as the Student Government Association president at UVI and has been crowned Miss Black International Ambassador 2022.

Kurvonte is a psychology major and was born in Puerto Rico before moving back to St. Kitts after living there for a year. In his early life Kurvonte moved around a lot, migrating between New York and St. Kitts a few times, which allowed him to have an open mind because of the difference in cultural experiences. Kurvonte currently serves on the student government association where he is the chair of the sports committee at UVI.


A photo of the HBCU Ambassador team for Xavier University.

Xavier University of Louisiana: Jalah Bates & Mya Bledsoe 

Jalah is a third-year student pursuing a bachelor's degree in public health sciences with a double minor in Spanish and biology. Jalah aspires to work as a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. Her goal is to establish an affordable community health center, which will be accessible to working-class households and undocumented immigrants. She currently serves as a peer health educator and volunteers as a hotline advocate for the non-profit STAR (Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response).

Mya is also a third-year student pursing a bachelor's degree in public health sciences. Her career goals are in epidemiology where she plans to carry out her practice as a maternal and child health epidemiologist. Mya’s mission is to improve women’s and children’s health with research to enhance health programs and policies. She currently serves as the arts and culture chair for the Xavier activities board and is an election board representative for Xavier’s student government association.

To learn more about our ambassadors and the work they are doing, visit our Campus Sexual Health webpage.