Our Top 10 Favorite Moments from WCD


Our Top 10 Favorite Moments from WCD

September 29, 2021

On Sunday, September 26th, we celebrated the annual World Contraception Day! Together we told the world why access to contraception matters and why we are so thankful for our methods.

As we look forward to our annual #ThxBirthControl Day on November 17th, we want to share a few of our favorite posts from this year’s World Contraception Day celebration. 

Check out why folks from all over the world are grateful for the power to decide their own futures, on their own terms: 


It’s ok to have sex for fun, stress relief, relaxation, as a job, or to be close to your partner(s). It’s ok to not want kids right now, or another kid right now, or ANY kids EVER. It’s ok to use contraception to help build the life you want. #WorldContraceptionDay

— Diane Horvath, MD, MPH (@GynAndTonic) September 27, 2021

Young people, parents, workers, people of color, and low-income people: these are just some of the groups who would benefit from making birth control available over-the-counter. #FreeThePill #WorldContraceptionDay pic.twitter.com/eAuXGzntde

— reproaction (@reproaction) September 26, 2021

#WorldContraceptionDay Grateful to the levonorgestrel IUD, the pill, the ring, and condoms for helping me plan my family along the way.

— Johana Oviedo (@DrJoOviedo) September 26, 2021

Happy #WorldContraceptionDay! Everyone deserves access to the birth control of their choice without coercion for free & without unnecessary obstacles. Sex is a good thing & people deserve the resources to have safer sex. We must #FreeThePill & work to eradicate racist practices.

— Kimya كيميا (@kimyaf) September 27, 2021