Why Teens Should Vote


Why Teens Should Vote

by Anna Labarca
June 17, 2020
A group of teens smile and hold out red, white, and blue buttons that read, "Vote."

Nearly 100 years ago, women earned the right to vote, a monumental change that shaped the history of the United States forever. What better way to thank them than to make our voices heard? Researching and voting in the next election (if you're going to be 18 in November 2020) will not only give you insight as to what the future of our country looks like but will allow you to shape it. Here are two other reasons of why you should vote:

Preparing for the Future

The future is ours. Soon enough, we will be in office and have a bigger influence on policy. But don’t wait when you can start getting involved now. No matter what party, if any, you identify with, your opinion needs to be heard. Reproductive health care is constantly being discussed, and people everywhere deserve to have access to the full range of care options so that they can make the decision that is best for them and their life. You may think your voice won’t make a difference but adding up every individual who believes can turn into millions of supporters. 

Becoming Educated

Being aware of what is going on in the current political climate is crucial to the way you live your life, whether you realize it or not. Some people choose not to vote because they feel they don’t have the proper background or enough information on exactly what is happening, others may figure they can wait until they’re older to figure it out. However, that thinking doesn’t benefit anybody, least of all yourself. Even if you feel that you don’t need change to occur, not casting your vote may lead to change. Here are a couple of topics with links to learn more about so you can be an informed citizen and an informed voter:

As the next generation of this country, we have a responsibility to show up and vote. Young people have the smallest turnout when it comes to voting, but we can change that. What you may consider irrelevant or unnecessary now could end up having a bigger impact on your future than you would think. Vote next election. It could change a life. 

Every state has different requirements when it comes to voting and when you can register to vote. Click here for the list of requirements by state.

Anna Labarca is a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Maryland. She writes for the student newspaper, The Black and White. She plans to study journalism in college and is interning at Power to Decide to learn more about the role communications has in campaigns.